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pluginsi 03/2016

pluginsi 03/2016

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6 news

20 new arrivals Geneva 2016

The most important and most interesting plug-in new arrivals at the 2016 Geneva Auto Show

26 full charge Honda NSX

After a quarter of a century, the legendary NSX has arrived again - heavier, but also hybrid, four-wheel drive, faster and just as much fun!

44 tech Are they really more of a pollutant?

Myths vs Reality in Electric Vehicles

We checked the claims that electric cars are less eco-friendly than conventional engines

50 hands off Autonomous Cars

Will we really be able to buy autonomous cars in 2017 that we won't have to monitor while driving?

56 interview Dr. Stefan Knirsch (Audi)

74 sport Eco Racing

With the new Toyota Prius, we tested the ever-more popular Eco Racing

82 interview Gerald Killmann (Toyota)

84 in the air Ehang 184

108 in the air Solar Impulse 2

122 to the Moon Audi Lunar Quattro - a moon rover built by a team of mad scientists, who are out to win the Google XPRIZE Hildegard Wortmann (BMW)

124 public transport Electric Buses

128 interview Nelson Piquet Jr

132 technology Wireless Charging of Electric Cars

At the Formula E racetrack, we checked in with BMW and Qualcomm to see if we'll shortly be bidding farewell to charging cables

136 first charge BMW 225 xe

The family BMW is now available as a plug-in hybrid.

140 first charge Hyundai Ioniq The first eco-Korean

146 column Joaquim Oliveira

148 first charge Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV

The best-selling plug-in car has had a makeover.

152 first charge Chevrolet Volt

The second generation Volt is far superior to the first. Will will also see it in Europe under the name Opel Ampera?

158 first charge Mercedes-Benz E 350 e

The new Mercedes E class will also be available as a plug-in hybrid, and is just half a step away from full autonomy

162 column Sebastjan Plevnjak


40 between Fashion and Technology Rebekah Marine

The super model with a bionic arm and a world of optimism.

60 travel 9 Top Eco Destinations

9 eco-friendly holiday destinations that you've probably never heard of.

70 interview Violeta Bulc

Rapid Changes Require Rapid Reactions!

86 design Driftwood From Waste to Art

88 to the moon Audi Lunar Quattro

Audi Lunar Quattro - a moon rover built by a team of mad scientists, who are out to win the Google XPRIZE

96 fashion Camouflage

106 kickstarters Top 5

112 design Eco Furniture Recycled, Renovated, Biodegraded.

114 smart home Saving energy Smartphone apps can help you save energy and money.

118 startups Crowdfunding

Pick the right crowdfunding platform for your product!

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