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pluginsi 04/2016

pluginsi 04/2016

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18 full charge Mercedes GLC F-CELL

26 interview Peter Stevens

The famous car designer on designing e-vehicles,

connectivity and personalization.

30 hands off Self-Driving Trucks

This year, the challenge to the autonomous truck

manufacturers to drive all the way to Rotterdam made all the difference, and piqued public interest more than ever before.

50 sport Inside the Formula E

After some initial scepticism it is gaining massive public

attention globally thanks to competitive racing, talented

drivers and a smart marketing machine behind it.

68 sport 24 hours of Le Mans

86 interview Carlos Cipollitti, general

director of Goodyear Innovation Center

88 roadtrip Ecology and Racing

104 small country going green

EV Cars in Bhutan

128 technology The electric future of PSA

130 technology Volvo CMA and T5

134 unplugged Kia Niro

138 plugged in BMW i3 94 Ah

140 plugged in Audi A3 Sportback e-tron

144 plugged in Citroën e-Mehari

The legendary Mehari has an electric successor: not one

for everyone to drive everyday, but man, it sure it fun!

148 column Joaquim Oliveira

150 plugged in Mercedes GLC Coupe 350e

154 plugged in Hyundai Ioniq Electric

158 concept cars DS E-Tense


38 water Magic in a Bottle?

Not so long ago, it would have sounded like a joke

to buy expensive water.

42 public transportation Hyperloop

46 interview Mathieu Lehanneur

"Smart cities will spring to life, providing their residents

are interested in them."

60 nature Proteus

On Saturday, January 30, 2016, Juan Pablo Maschio, one of the

guides in Postojna Cave in Slovenia, noticed an olm's egg sticking

to the aquarium glass in the cavern known as the Concert Hall.

64 tech Museum Security

78 travel Vienna

Green Oasis on the Danube River

82 in the air Lilium Jet

108 design Rattan

110 fashion Between City and Countryside

120 lifestyle Mercedes Benz Design

Mercedes creates the same luxury experience on the road,

by sea or in the air... and even at home!

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