The countdown for the 80edays start has begun as Rafael de Mestre, the chief ambassador of 2016 electric rally and the first man to drive around the world in a standard electric car, announced the official kickoff for the ultimate Electric Vehicle challenge in the world.

After the long-awaited meeting of 80edays ambassadors in November 2015 at Tesla Motors Factory in Tilburg, Netherlands gave the go-ahead for the second edition of highly successful and coveted event, 80edays ELDURO was scheduled to start on June 16, 2016, from Barcelona. Looking to gain inspiration from de Mestre, the participants aim to reach the finish line in Barcelona in 80 days or less. The stage will be set in front of Arco de Triunfo.

This summer the most daring teams in the world will look to beat Rafael de Mestre's record, who in 2012 rallied around the globe in a standard all-electric Tesla Roadster in 127 days, becoming the first man in history to do so in less than 200 days.

The registrations for the 2016 edition of ELDURO is over, and 12 multinational teams are ready to make history in the most challenging 100% Electric Vehicle endurance test for electric cars and drivers, sending a strong message to the industry that sustainable technology is the way forward. The future of sustainable, clean, and renewable energy will be on the lifeline. Rafael de Mestre, the event initiator and organizer, believes that this year's event will be a wake-up call for the automobile industry:

"The hype of the (80edays) rally is justified because a lot of people believe electric cars are and should be the future. The 2012 rally proved that people can drive electric cars anywhere in the world and reduce their carbon footprint. This year we hope the industry realizes that there are no wrongs with EVs, only rights!"

The challenge will cover a distance of over 25,000 kilometers across twenty countries and three continents. The anticipation is at an all-time high following the success of 80edays GENESIS 2012 that proved the electric car industry has the potential to become the powerhouse of automotive transportation.

While most teams will be driving sporty and fast Tesla EVs, the Hungarian team will show that sustainable transport has a place in public commute as well. The Hungarian team will drive the Innovative Modulo electric bus from Evopro, the renowned Hungarian innovative engineering team.

May 11, 2016 Driving photo: Saša Kapetanović, Rafael De Mestre

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