Nissan prepared a concept study called Teatro for Dayz, targeted towards the youngest generation of future drivers - a generation that went straight from the cradle to digital technology and is dubbed by Nissan as "share natives."


In the next few years, ''share natives'' will reach the driving age and many should sit behind the wheel for the first time. According to Nissan, this next generation has, however, shown very little interest in driving cars. To these youngsters driving cars isn't aspirational and it's not really an important goal to reach, as driving license isn't the means to freedom anymore – for them, driving merely means being disconnected from their friends. Designers at Nissan tried to figure out what kind of a car would even raise interest in them, what would really excite them and convince them into stepping inside the car. Designers finally presented a provocative answer to these puzzling questions – the Teatro for Dayz concept.

The name of this study derives from the Italian word for theater and a Nissan minicar. Teatro for Dayz is built on Nissan's EV technology and looks quite attractive, but its main strength lies in the interior. The car is actually "a mobile device for occupants interested in creating, connecting and sharing", so it should appeal to share natives instantly – at least, that is what Nissan hopes for. The interior represents a "a clean canvas" and is smooth, neutrally white, allowing the instrument panel, seats and even door trim to serve as a blank canvas for expression.

The exterior is outfitted with LED screens, which is another feature adding to the thrill of further self-expression. Moreover, whatever the driver and the passenger experience in or around the car can be shared instantly via an onboard camera with no fear that their smartphones could run out of battery as the EV battery provides non-stop action for everyone.

The car is electric and eco-friendly in its core, surely, but electricity has another very important function, aimed at serving the needs of share natives. The battery doesn't only power the electric motor and various digital equipment found in the car, it's also a basic platform to plug-in and power a number of mobile digital devices, used constantly by the young generation in order for them to uninterruptedly communicate with their social media buddies. Thus, Teatro for Dayz isn't merely a means of transport, but also a giant mobile battery and a communication tool on wheels!

Nov. 4, 2015 Driving photo: Nissan

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