A Bosnian pensioner created a perfectly functional and street-legal wooden Volkswagen Beetle.


While many believe once you enter your well-deserved, relaxing pension years, you will enjoy your free time, it turns out a lot of people keep themselves even busier, creating and working on things they didn't have time for before.

Momir Bojić, a pensioner in his early seventies from the Bosnian town of Celinac, near Banja Luka, crafted a truly one-of-a-kind Beetle, using over 50,000 separate pieces of handcrafted oak shingles.

Mr Bojić's began the transformation, which reportedly lasted two years, by working on the bodywork of a standard Beetle. Once prepared, he covered it with custom hand-made wooden fittings. And he literally covered it all the way from the steering wheel, all over the exterior, around the lights, way down to those shiny hubcaps. Impressive!

When you look at the pictures and let yourself be amazed by such incredible handiwork, be sure to check out Mr Bojić's cap... The man travels in style!

May 28, 2016 Driving photo: Via International Business Times

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