As the European Green Capital 2016, Ljubljana raises environmental awareness, while also aiming to set an example with the number of sustainable measures.

One of the companies operating in its heart is Avant Car, a leading regional vehicle manager that is technologically progressive within the field of mobility. Did you know they have the biggest fleet of electric vehicles per capita in the world? That they rely on nothing but the sun's energy to satisfy the company's mobility needs? And that they have, thus far, driven over one million emission-free kilometers?

Tesla Model S, BMW i3, Smart Electric Drive, Nissan Leaf, Renault Zoe and Volkswagen e-Golf constitute only a small part of Avant Car's electric fleet, which is meant to raise awareness and demonstrate the availability of technologies that can successfully address the issues arising from the modern urban settlements, such as pollution. They are fuelled by the sun, considering their harvest of electric energy via a solar power plant exceeds their needs for day-to-day mobility. Their work envisioning modern man in relation to mobility was praised at the biggest European conference on electric mobility, in Berlin. They proposed a viable shift from current pollution, crowded roads, high vehicle ownership costs and global reliance on fossil fuels, to a user-friendly mobility, comprised of services which relieve you of ownership issues, noise, emissions, with the idea of fewer operating cars and local independence, in terms of sustainable sources and minimized costs.

In other words: they aim to cultivate mobility into becoming a service that is accessible to all. While retaining their freedom of mobility, users do not have to own a car and bear car-related expenses, which are also present when the vehicle is at a standstill, which is, on average, 23 hours a day.

Mobility as a service suggests flexibility through allocation, where users determine what they want to do based on their needs: today you may need a car for just an one hour, to run your errands, while tomorrow you may need a delivery truck to deliver your newly-purchased furniture, and on the weekend you may want a van to take your family on a trip across Slovenia. This is where the electric vehicles come into play. The services of mobility are available at all times, and are paid for only when used. Then there's car sharing that addresses the problem of congested roads with one co-shared car that can replace 10 private cars.

"The modern society eco-system has already recognized the benefits of this new digitalized mobility. Because it responds to the needs of every user, it allows you to maximize your flexibility and, more importantly, lower the cost of your mobility, which can take a considerable bite out of your income," says Gašper Žvan, the director of the Avant Car company. "Slovenia has also advanced in terms of infrastructure, and urged connection to the highway network of rapid charging stations. Cities have also seen the surge of public, as well as private, charging infrastructures, and our country is increasingly friendlier to electric cars. Through collaboration within the field of infrastructure, we want improve people's lives by offering them a fantastic user-based experience in new technologies.

April 10, 2016 Driving photo: AvantCar

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