This solution could easily solve the problem of shortage of charging stations.


Amazon, American company, best known for its electronic commerce services and Kindle reader, has recently presented a new solution that could play a big part in popularization of electric transportation and making it even more useful -  as a solution for drivers that are stuck on the road with in an EV with no electric energy in the battery to get them to the nearest charging station.

The patent has been filled at United States Patent and Trademark Office about three years ago, but has only been approved last month. Another great feature of this drone, apart from being able to fly to the destination where driver would need it, is that it can remain stuck to the car while driving.  As soon as it would arrive to the car and start charging it, the driver would be back on the road, driving to the nearest proper charging station, while the drone would still be attached to the car, charging its batteries.

However, a drone, that would have a task of 'transporting electricity', would in essence have to carry some big and heavy batteries and drones, we are using today are nowhere strong enough to do so. These types of 'vehicles' are also quite ineffective, meaning that a drone, capable of transporting a battery would need some huge fans and batteries. Also, the further it would fly, more energy from the battery, needed to start a car would be spent.

Thus we can conclude, that even thou the patent was filled, with technology, that we have today, we are still far away from making this type of drone a reality. We do appreciate Amazons hard work and plans thou and believe that someday in the (not so distant) future drones like this would become a reality.

Jure Šujica

Photos: Šlugin Archive, US Patent and Trademark Office

Oct. 19, 2017 Driving photo: Plugin Archive

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