A new type of aircraft will spoil those involved in sports even while flying high in the clouds.


Numerous sportsmen and sportswomen are used to travel in luxury. Now they can look forward to more of the same. Companies Teague and Nike joined forces and know-how to put a new idea into reality - an airborne fitness heaven. All one needs to prepare for the competition and analyse relevant data will be provided.

Once athletes have boarded their planes after a competition, all data contained within chipsets built into their shoes and clothes, as well as data contained in other devices, will be downloaded and thoroughly checked on computer screens positioned in backrests of the front seats. Analysis would be swiftly performed during the flight. Biometric tests will be possible at altitudes above 10000 m (33000ft) and a suitable therapy or whatever necessary prescribed. All equipment for various types of physiotherapy, such as massage, intravenous infusion, hot and cold water treatment and electro-stimulation would be available.

Once recovered after a competition, a comfortable bed would be waiting for the stars, spacious and long enough for up to 210 cm body height. Extending seats have been designed with the bottom sections separate. A competitor who, for example, has a left leg injury and requires special care, will be able to adjust the height and angle of that side accordingly. Any regrets for not being a top professional sportsmen?

May 30, 2015 Driving photo: Teague

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