Anki, the consumer robotics and artificial intelligence (A.I.) company, is taking its hit battle-racing system, Anki OVERDRIVE, to the next level.


Two new Supertrucks, FREEWHEEL and X52 are available in stores and online since October. The new battle rigs supersize the Anki OVERDRIVE experience with an intimidating frame that is nearly triple the size of current Supercars. But beyond their size, Supertrucks also come equipped with powerful new weapons and exhilarating game modes that will set the stage for the ultimate true test of skill, pitting size and strength against speed and agility. FREEWHEEL and X52 are priced at $59.99 and available at major retailers including Toys"R"Us.

Each Supertruck comes with new weapons including X52's "Pulse Ram," which will blast opponents off the track, and FREEWHEEL's "Gravity Trap" that will disable opponents' Supercars, causing them to lose control. These vehicles are designed to make gameplay more robust and level the playing field, putting players' true skill to the test.

Aside from commanding Supertrucks in any of Anki OVERDRIVE's open-play game modes, the battle rigs come armed with their own exclusive game mode called Takeover. In Takeover, players start each match in their chosen Supercars. Anyone that can break through a Supertruck's defenses will take control of the vehicle to wreak havoc on their opponents until another player disables them and takes command of the Supertruck.

Oct. 13, 2016 Driving photo: Anki

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