Test drive was one of the event, that acompanied Formula E grand prix race.

His weekend Monaco is all about racing. It is not because of Formula 1 as most of the people is used to but about the electric series Formula E, which is also taking place on French Riviera. And this year, the series has in Monaco a very special guess, which has made its first public appearance in Shanghai car show and it now making its rad debut. You may have guesses, that the car in talks is limited-production Aston Martin Rapide E.

The whole test consisted of two drives along the whole racetrack, where people could see the car for the first time in Europe, since Aston Martin actually made the whole event as a European presentation. Furthermore, to present the car in the best possible way, Aston Martin hired three-time Le Mans winner Darren Turner to put the car through its paces. Turner simply described it as incredible and was mostly surprised by the amount of torque available.

Also presented at the event was Aston Martin’s Ceo Andy Palmer. “Rapide E is a defining product in Aston Martin Lagonda’s history. We have set out a bold strategy for the electrification and hybridisation across the Group and this product demonstrates that we have the capability to deliver an EV of exceptional performance, while still delivering the qualities demanded of not just Aston Martin customers, but the wider luxury market. As the world’s first all-electric luxury brand, Lagonda will directly benefit from the technologies and experience derived from the Rapide E programme. Darren (Turner) is very lucky to have had the chance to demonstrate what Rapide E can do and I firmly believe that those who have already placed their name down for this special model, will be able to take pride in seeing the car run in anger for the first time,” said Palmer about the car that is going to hit the production in Q4 of this year.

May 11, 2019 Driving photo: Aston Martin

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