It is going to be used for Audi's new compact electic hatchback.

When a novelty comes on the market – it doesn’t matter what kind of market – the bigger the buzz about it, more important it is. And what may not seem as important in the first place it may actually be something, that we will talk about for years to come. This is also the thing with VW’s MEB platform for electric cars, which it looks like is going to become a global VW group’s platform.

After announcing, that Audi is going to stop the production of A3 for Europe, Ingolstadt-based company has now revealed, that they are planning an A3-sized fully electric car. However, when speaking to Auto Experss, head exterior designer at Audi, Andreas Mindt revealed, that the car is still going to be conventionally designed, just like ICE cars of today, mostly to appeal to regular customers.

“You can design for the early adopters or you can design for the mainstream customer as well – we want to catch both. There are a lot of people out there who just want a good looking car, they are not interested if it’s an EV or a conventionally powered car – in a coupe of months we will show you a first draft,” said Mindt. So, it looks like MEB is going to be the core platform for all VW compact cars.

Dec. 12, 2018 Driving photo: Audi

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