Some of the biggest cities are introducing low  emitions aera, including Antwerp an Brussels, more a re about to come.

After recent announcements from cities around Europe they are planning to ban cars with ICE until the year 2030, few of them have already started to limit the traffic of older and more dirty cars in their centers. Latest reports of such actions are now coming from Belgium. After Antewrp, which has already put such new rules in use, Belgium's capital city Brussels have announced, that with the beginning of the year 2018 it will establish so called environmental zone, with more of them about to follow.

And it looks like Belgians are going to be fairly strict with their rules. Straight from the start they are planning to ban cars, that can only meet EURO 0 or EURO 1 standards. This means, that while cleaner vehicles will be approved permanent permits, mentioned cars will only be able to get daily, weekly or monthly permits – depending on the city. And since every vehicle's number plate is going to be scanned, bypassing the system is going to be virtually impossible.

Process of acquiring the permit and registration for the first time will, however, be quite long and should take from 2 to 10 days. On this step organization called Green zone will get involved if wanted and will took care of the registration for its customers and even those Belgian citizens, that are living outside the countries. They will also offer mobile app which will provide useful information on boundaries around Belgium and other European cities.

After Antwerp, Brussels more cities in Belgium are planning to establish so called Green zones, including Gent, which among three biggest cities in the country and also among the most popular with tourists, who will now have to adapt to new environmental actions

Nov. 23, 2017 Driving photo: Green Zone

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