Car-sharing is, like electro mobility, one of the directions in which automotive industry will develop in the future. In fact, we already know many companies that are dealing with this, but in the future, there will be even more.

Many companies, which participate in development in this direction for some time now, among them almost all the major car manufacturers, are slowly going in the direction of mutual cooperation. It appears that Daimler and BMW will also cooperate in this field.

Both German brands are already present in car sharing and related services for quite some time and they also have their shares in various companies and mobile applications, such as ChargeNow, Clever Taxi, Chaffeur Prive, and some more. The core of the collaboration is supposed to be a new mobile application, which should offer the functionality of all the previous ones, from hiring a taxi to car sharing, parking fees, searching for charging stations and some other features. Cooperation, which has been planned for a long time, has now also received a green light from the US authorities.

Collaboration between both companies is expected to be announced in more detail in the coming months, but far from being the only form of cooperation that companies are planning. According to the Bloomberg web site, their cooperation is expected to deepen, as they are also beginning to develop a new platform for electric cars and the joint production of electric car batteries.

Dec. 20, 2018 Driving photo: Daimler

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