Most of electric and hybrid cars should go to Chinesse buyers.


BMW is one of those car makers, that stepped into the game of electric and hybrid cars quite early with i3 and i8, which was also one of if not the first proper hybrid sports car. Recently however, it looks like they have started to slowly falling behind the competition. Yes, they started making hybrid sedans like 530e and 330e, but those are only mild hybrid cars, with petrol engine still being the main thing, when it gets to propulsion.

Competition on the other hand have put a lot of effort in research of new technologies when it comes to alternative drive. This has especially become apparent after Dieselgate scandal, that started an actual war against diesel engines, that were before the ultimate choice when buying new family or even executive cars, destined for making thousands of kilometers a month. Even Volkswagen, which caused the rage introduced a plan for new electric cars, first being available in 2020.

Current platforms to be used in the future

Slowly but surely thou, it looks like BMW is about to put more effort into alternative drive. German manufacturer has recently announced, that they will present a total of 25 brand new cars with either electric or hybrid propulsion by the year 2025. There was no clear information whether there will be more electric or hybrid ones.

They did however note, that new cars will be 'Generation 5' electric cars. Current cars like i3 and i8 are still based on the older, Generation 4 program. Main parts of new generation will be two platforms called CLAR (for bigger cars, already used in new 5- and 7-series) and FAAR, both enabling the usage of different sized batteries.

Jure Šujica
Photo: BMW

Jan. 23, 2018 Driving photo: BMW

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