BMW's divisions BMW i, BMW iPreformance and MINI Electric have delivered more than 100.000 plug-in cars to their customers this year even before it ended.

It also means, that BMW sold as many plug-in cars this year as in all years preceding it, which means, that cumulative sales of BMW's plug-in cars in all years of their existence reached 200.000. In addition to cars BMW also delivered arround 1.500 electric scooters.

BMW, which by 2025 plans to offer 25 plug-in models, already holds aproximately 10-percent share of all plug-in cars sold in 2017 and on global scale it holds a 3-percent share in plug-in vehicle sale, which, when we speak about all plug-in cars in general, stands at 1 percent.

Dec. 24, 2017 Driving photo: BMW

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