At the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, BMW revealed their "i Vision Future Interaction" concept, which is based on the BMW's i8 hybrid sports car. Ladies and gentlemen, here comes i8 Sypder, seamlessly connecting the driver's 'work' environment and the user environment of the future.


In the center of the car is a 21-inch panorama display, streching over most of the passenger side of the dashboard. It may seem to be a bit too ar away from the driver to efficiently interact with, however, that actually does not interfere with the abilities to control the vehicle, since it's been equipped with AirTouch, a new gesture control system that lets the driver (and passenger both) take control over entertainment, navigation and communication functions using the display just by making simple gestures, or in other words, by pointing at various items on the display to activate them.

Gestures include swiping the palm from right to left to accept an incoming call, moving the finger in a clockwise, circular motion increases audio volume, while the oppposite motion decreases it. A finger poke can also be used to trigger various action, such as turn on or turn off control display. AirTouch also comes with physical confirmation buttons that can be found on the inside of the steering wheel (where the driver's left thumb is usually located) as well as on the passenger's door armrest.

BMW i Vision Future Interaction can also act as a fully autonomous car. The driver can use a physical toggle switch on the wheel to choose between three different drive modes: Pure Drive (the driver takes the wheels), Assist (assistant systems are used to help the driver, such as lane keeping), and Auto Mode (the car takes full control over the drive).

During Auto mode, the wheel retracts toward the dash and changes the color, so the driver knows at all times who is steering the wheel. Using the automated drive mode, the driver has more time (and space) to indulge in other activities – even the car seat automatically shifts to a more comfortable position.

Jan. 14, 2016 Driving photo: BMW

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