Together with refreshened BIM i3, bavarian company introduced also its sportier version i3s which also features a much improved traction control system.

According to BMW, the new traction control system, which was developed to better cope with electric powertrain with faster power deveplopment, has 50-times faster response time and much improves traction and stability of car in adverse driving condition, such as fast cornering or adwerse weather conditions. The faster response was achieved by intgertaing the control process calculations directly into powertrain itself to avoid long signyl paths to remote unit, featured by conventional systems.

With their high levels of torque and instantaneous responses to every movement of the accelerator, electric motors already make significantly higher demands on driving stability systems than conventional power units," explains Peter Langen, Head of Chassis Development at BMW.

New traction control system will not remain reserved just for electric vehicle but in the future will be integrated also into the driving systems of plug-in hybrid and internal combustion cars.

Jan. 3, 2018 Driving photo: BMW

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