Electric bicycles are among us already long time, but did never really fit in the offer of luxury car brands. But this is also changing, if we judge by e-bike intriduced by BMW.

BMW Active Hybird e-bike is made so, that its frame successfuly conceals its battery pack and electric drivtrain components. Hydroformed structure of the frame is made so, that it invisibly incoroporates a battery pack with capacity of 504 Wh and a 250 W/ 90 Nm electric motor which is designed to assist cyclist with the speeds up to 100 kilometers per hour if he dares to drive so fast.

BMW's product is also a hybrid bycicle. The electric motor can be turned on and off, if there is no need for electric assistance. When the electric powertrain is switches on, via a controller on handlebar grip, driver can choose between four power modes to regulate the intensity of assistance.

Oct. 18, 2017 Driving photo: BMW

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