The only question remaining unanswered here is when (in the next decade)?

BMW is among those companies who are in a good position of actually helping to shape the future of electric cars with cars like i3, i8 and future models like ix3. On the other hand, Bavarians are still quite strong in the field of classic petrol driven cars and their M division cars are among the most respected on the market. Those, on the first glance quite different worlds might however soon become one.

While BMW is for a while now pursuing a very specific goal of boosting the sale of electric/hybrid driven cars to 40 per cent of total sale by the year 2025, they have now announced a plan to electrify the whole M-Division of cars. And while this might not happen entirely by the year 2025, it is for sure going to happen by the end of the next decade, or so does Frenk Van Meel, M-division boss say.

"That's going to happen step-by-step. The important question is the timing question – what's the right time for that? If you're too late then you're too late, but if you're too early then you don't have the 'straight to the point' technology. Look at today's electrification components, they are quite heavy and, for us as a motorsports company, overall vehicle weight and power-to-weight ratio is key," said Van Meel in the recent interview with Australian media.


July 23, 2018 Driving photo: BMW

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