By recents reports from the automotive magazine Autocar, BMW is embarking on a radical engineering overhaul which will reinvent all its future models from the 3-series upwards, making them all-wheel-drive range-extender electric cars.

BMW's decision to change their game might not be completely voluntary, since it was triggered by stringent EU fuel consumption regulations pertaining to the manufacturing of the future cars.

According to Autocar, car makers will have to hit a fleet average CO2 output of 95g/km, with a range of between 85g/km and 110g/km for the various brands. Using plug-in technology in their upcoming models would drastically reduce fuel consumption and with it also the alarming vehicle emissions. Additonally, incorporating a much more fundamental exploitation of aerodynamics and reducing the weight of the vehicles with light materials such as a mixture of high-strength steels, aluminium in cast and extruded forms and some types of carbonfibre composites. They will also have to make space for a large, heavy battery which will occupy the centre tunnel and some of the space that usually houses the fuel tank.

July 11, 2015 Driving photo: BMW

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