This also applies to the 'i' family of vehicles, which, however, will still represent new brand technologies.

In general, BMW's cars are not difficult to recognize on the road. The double kidney grille is, without a doubt, the most recognizable element. However, when the first two exclusively electrified models, i3 and i8 appeared, the Bavarian car brand made a step forward in design.

But in the future there will be no such design jumps in the creation of new electric cars in Munich. This was confirmed by the BMW's head of design Adrian van Hooydonk, who said in a recent interview for the AutoCar UK website, that BMW buyers want dynamically designed cars, regardless of whether they are electrified or not, so there are simply no reasons for them to be different. Last but not least, this is proven by the upcoming electric crossover BMW iX3.

Nevertheless, the 'i' family of cars  will not disappear into oblivion. While BMW will soon electrify the entire fleet, cars that will follow i3 and i8 will continue to feature a variety of innovative solutions that are not necessarily related to their powertrains.


Oct. 24, 2018 Driving photo: BMW

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