At the 2016 CES in L. A., Bosch revealed a concept car, showcasing (quite a lot of) touchscreens.

Bosch figured that our lives are in one way or another closely connected with either smartphones, computers or tablets, or even all of them, so to keep the relationship with the touchscreens a lasting one, they equipped the entire dashboard, on the door panels, on the center console and even on the transmission tunnel with – displays, sensitive to touch. According to Bosch, their aim was not to distract he driver (though we would be, in fact, heavily distracted) – on the contrary, they wish minimize driver distraction by providing him with the right information at the right time, so he can access all the information and manage all the infotainment systems without much effort.

The new touchscreen was given the CES 2016 Innovation Award in the In-Vehicle Audio/Video category – among other things, it can generate different surface textures (rough, smooth, and patterned surfaces indicate different buttons and functions), so the individual elements can be actually felt and recognized just by touching the screen, allowing the drivers to keep their eyes on the road.

These displays – beside giving the drivers the opportunity to monitor and control the systems inside the car – are also capable of alerting the drivers in various situations; lighting sequence is triggered to alert the driver, for example, when a pedestrian is approaching the car.

The car can be connected to a personal assistant planner in the driver's smartphone that can direct the car to reach the meeting point autonomously; if an appointment is cancelled, the car will automatically indicate the route to the next appointment in the diary.

Connecting the car to the smart home, the system will also enable household functions such as heating or security systems to be operated at any time directly from the vehicle. According to Bosch, "connected infotainment will let drivers navigate not just through the traffic but through their whole day."

Jan. 14, 2016 Driving photo: Bosch, Newspress

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