Two-seater electric airplane, which costs only seven dollars per hour to fly has survived its first flight.

While electric transport on the ground has already become a thing of today, electrified airplanes are mostly still in development phase. Among the first companies to be active in this phase was Slovenian specialist in production of superlight airplanes, Pipistrel, but now, they are getting some more competition from not too far away. In Switzerland companies called H55 and BRM Aero have just achieved an important step on the way to present the first production ready electric airplane.

With electric motor, designed by the former and body, made by the latter company, Bristell Energic is a two-seater, made for the needs of flying taxis and schools. And although, it’s an electric plane, thanks to its capable battery pack and economic motor, it can still do some 45 to 60 minutes of flying, yet there is even enough ‘juice left inside for taxiing before and after the flight.

Commenting on this important milestone, André Borschberg, former CEO and Pilot of Solar Impulse, and now H55’s Co-Founder and Executive Chairman, is convinced that “electric air transport will deeply transform and improve urban mobility. Electric propulsion has enabled the world of drones, it will do the same for aviation. The Bristell Energic is a stepping stone for the development of such new aviation transport solutions, where the challenge will be safety and certification. By having our electric airplanes fly and monitoring their performance, H55 will continue to build up big data essential for the development of VTOLs and flying taxis."

So far, the interest for the plane, is growing quite fast, even though it has only completed one test flight and is thus not yet to be put. While there are quite a few potential customers in home country of Switzerland, we may soon see such planes in China, says company representatives.


June 22, 2019 Driving photo: H55

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