Chevrolet will apparently have to find a new name for their new electric car Bolt, since the United States Patent and Trademark Office USPTO refused to enter the name into the register.

Chevrolet already applied to register the name Bolt last August and the same name was given to the predictive study presented in Detroit at the beginning of the year. Some expected then that the serial automobile will have a different name to avoid confusing it with Volt, but the name remained unchanged. At least until now, since someone has apparently beaten the Americans to the punch.

USPTO has discovered that Yamaha applied to enter the name Bolt into their register in August 2012 and would now have to either withdraw the application or complete the registration of the name. The companies planned to settle the misunderstanding, but in the meantime it turned out that someone was faster still. In Fort Wayne in Indiana there is a company Bolt Custom Trucks that manufactures sleeping cabins for trucks and has registered its name before Chevrolet's application.

Since Chevrolet is in quite a hurry, seeing how they would like to present their electric car in autumn and admnistrative procedures are not exactly the epitome of quick anywhere, we can most likely expect a new name for the newcomer.

June 2, 2015 Driving photo: GM

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