Ambitious project is hindered by its price, which is currently too expensive to be viable for mass usage.


Imagine that you drive down the road with your electric-powered car, on and on, without the need for stopping because of empty battery pack. Some might say it is too good to be true, but this may soon become a reality, thanks to China-based Company called Qilu Transportation, which is, according to Autoblog planning to make a highway, which would provide electric energy for cars, driving on it.

The idea itself is not so that new really, as the same company has already converted about 1,1 kilometer long section of rather busy Jinan highway, where some 45.000 cars drives every day. This roadway has been equipped to be able to generate solar electricity. It has a capability to provide enough energy for highway and some 800 homes positioned nearby.

Same company is now planning to build a road that will be able to provide electricity for cars, driving over its surface. The surface itself is going to be transparent and underneath there are going to be solar panels and electric wires above them, enabling inductive charging. Different sensors for measuring outside temperature, traffic and weight are also planned to be included in the driving surface.

When such road is going to build is hard to tell though. Zhou Yong, Qilu Transportation's General Manager is confident, that such road in essence is not a problem and there also are cars, supporting technology of inductive charging, but they are not yet available for public use. In addition, the price of the road is much too high. At this point, it costs around 1.100 US dollars to build a square meter of the road. However, it should drop to 477 dollars to make it mass adoption viable. Let us just hope this comes soon.

April 16, 2018 Driving photo: Plugin Archive

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