After the first official drawings of Citroën's new C5 Aircross have been published a few days ago, the French automotive brand revealed more information about the upcoming car, including photos of the production model that's having its world premiere at the 2017 Shanghai Motor Show. 


According to Citroën, C5 Aircross that was developed directly from the 2015 Aircross Concept, focuses on the human, so creators named it a 'people-minded' SUV. While looking tough and dynamic on the outside, the interior is very comfortable. What stands out the most are a 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster and an 8-inch HD touchscreen.

Citroën is also introducing a new suspension system, Progressive Hydraulic Cushions for improved damping, adding two progressive hydraulic cushions to the usual shock absorbers, springs, and mechanical stops. According to Citroën, in this way the passenegers will feel as if they were floating during the drive, much like they used to when hydropneumatic suspension was in charge.

Citroën C5 Aircross will launch in China, where customers will be able to decide between the latest-generation petrol engines developing 165 and 200hp, along with the EAT6 e-shift automatic gearbox and a front-wheel drive with optional electronic aid to secure better grip on less favourable driving surfaces. It will be equipped with 300hp Plug-In Hybrid PHEV e-AWD drivetrain, comprising of a 200hp petrol engine and two electric motors.

Four modes of operation will be available: 'All-electric' with a range of 60km, 'Hybrid' for long distances without charging, 'Combined' and '4X4' (all-wheel mode).

April 19, 2017 Driving photo: Citroën

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