RoadwareZ, a developer of wearable technologies for active individuals, today announced its formal launch and released early details about its debut product: a 'smart vest' for bicyclists.


Each year, nearly 50,000 cyclists are injured – and 700 killed – in the US alone. Determined to bring bicycle safety into the digital age, RoadwareZ's vest will feature a broad selection of safety features including LED turn and brake signals, GPS mapping and tracking, access to a 24/7 emergency monitoring service – and ultimately a rear-facing camera and microphone.

"We formed RoadwareZ after one of my co-founders witnessed a terrible bicycle accident while vacationing," said Zena Krispin, co-founder of RoadwareZ. "Yet while developing the concept, we also noticed the growing trend of social cycling in groups. This influenced us to build a product that is equally about safety and social interaction, thus making cycling more fun and interesting whether you're a new rider, an adult enthusiast or a retired hobbyist."

The vest's social media capabilities include:

• Social engagement and chat via Bluetooth connection

• GPS tracking to ensure that groups that ride together stay safe

• Ability to find new friends and riders near you

Aimed at riders of all ages who ride for exercise, leisure, sport or commuting purposes, RoadwareZ's vest is designed to appeal to cyclists of all skill levels. Roadwarez plans to release the device in Q2 2016. Cyclists can receive product updates and pre-order alerts by signing up

March 9, 2016 Driving photo: Roadwarez

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