At Berlin's InnoTrans, the railway industry's largest trade fair, Alstom from France unveiled the first hydrogen-powered passenger train.  

Coradia iLint is a new CO2-emission-free regional train that is powered by a hydrogen fuel cell. Its only emission is steam and condensed water, and it operates rather silently compared to diesel-powered counterparts. It is based on the service-proven diesel train Coradia Lint 54. The train will be able to carry 300 passengers and travel up to 497 miles at approxiamately 87 miles per hour.

The new, 'green' passenger train will be manufactured in Salzgitter, Alstom's largest site. The biggest challenge railways are facing now is setting up the corresponding infrastrucutre, as all exisiting railway stations and other related facilities will need an upgrade to provide hydrogen filling units. Needless to say, expenses of setting that up could be enormous, but in the long run, definitely worthy of such an investment.

Quiter and pollution-free train rides are expected to start in Germany, in December 2017.

Sept. 24, 2016 Driving photo: Alstom

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