The European arm of the CHAdeMO Association plans to install over 500 DC fast chargers across Europe by the end of 2016.

There will be five separate projects, for which the EU will fund half of the cost. Danish utility company Clever will lead a deployment of  120 semi-fast chargers at 60 charging sites. The deployment contributes to a global Scandinavian strategy aiming do install 950 fast and 2000 semi-fast chargers in the region.

Germany and Belgium will get a boost of 241 and 37 multi-standard fast chargers respectively thanks to the Fast-E project, with the Dutch company Allego as the project leader. Those chargers will be complemented by another 29 in Czech Republic and Slovakia by a brother Fast-E project. On top of building and operating chargers using an innovative open-source ICT platform, the Czech and Slovakian Fast-E aims to create a complete EV Roll-Out Master Plan for both countries.

Even more chargers for Belgium shall come from the UNIT-E project led by French utility company EDF, who plans to build a total of 40 fast chargers across Belgium, France, Italy and UK, demonstrating the economic viability and most of all interoperability of chargers across international regions. With the chargers from another EU-funded EDF project Corri-door currently being deployed in France, once both networks are completed, it shall be possible to travel seamlessly with an EV all the way from Dublin to Genoa.

Another increase of multi-standard chargers in Scandinavia and Germany will come from the GREAT (Green Region for Electrification and Alternative fuels for Transport) project, managed by region Skene, which plans to deploy 65 devices over 900km. The experiences gathered from the deployment will be used to form policy and business models recommendations for future infrastructure development.

Right now, crossing a continent with a EV is a real adventure, as those that have done it can ascertain. However, with over 500 fast chargers on key European roads, driving electrically across three or more countries should be as easy as doing the same route in an ICE car.

March 11, 2016 Driving photo: Profimedia

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