Seat's newly independent sports brand Cupra decided to take the road to electrified racing with a Cupra e-Racer concept, which was presented at the Geneva Motor Show.

As a sport brand Cupra will also take over the former Seat's racing division. According to their claims, racing will eventually turn to alternative powertrains with alectric motors as most viable option. Seat is also taking part in touring cars championship TCR from 2014 and has even longer experiences in this respect so it is no wonder that also Cupra's first electric racer will be a touring car.

Cupra e-Racer is 100 percent electric car. It is based on the Seat Leon cup racer and has equally strong characteristics, though wothout much of its noise and direct emissions. Since electric powertrain is also simpler than IC powetrains and has less mechanical loss, almost all the electric motor energy is transfered to rear wheels which is much more comparing to IC powetrain, where only about 30 percent of fuell energy actually goes to the road.

In the centre of powetrain seats electric motor with 300 kW of permanent and 500 kW of short term peak power, which is transfered to rear wheels via one speed transmission and with the help of torque vectoring. Accordingly sprint to 100 kph takes just 3,2 seconds, to 200 kph it takes 8,2 seconds and top speed of the racer is 270 kph.

March 12, 2018 Driving photo: Cupra

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