In 2016, Slovenia's capital Ljubljana will be sporting the title of European Green Capital, which is awarded every year to the city striving to achieve the highest standards of environmentally friendly urban living, while being strongly committed to future environmental develpomets and improvements. Joining Ljubljana in its green endeavours will be the French car manufacturer Renault with its electric vehicles.


An important part of creating (and keeping) the capital green is the development of sustainable urban mobility. While public transportation is one of the major players to focus on, there are certain aspects of transport that need to be addressed in terms of personal mobility. And this is when electric cars are practically indispensable.

The city municipality of Ljubljana was given the keys to Renault's electric cars Renault Zoe and Renault Kangoo Z.E., which are to be used during Ljubljana's European Green Capital mandate from December 31 onwards. Representatives of various city services will be able to drive the cars on their daily errands around the city.

This month, Ljubljana is actively partaking in the European Mobility Week for the 14th year in a row – during the most wide-spread sustainable mobility campaign (traditionally taking place from 16 to 22 September), Renault also offers free rides with five electric Zoes. The cars can take you from one astonishing sightseeing attraction to another, or just let you cruise around Ljubljana's most interesting points of interest. They are available to foreign tourists as well as to locals, wishing to explore the wonders of Ljubljana through the comfort of electric mobility.

Sept. 19, 2015 Driving photo: Renault Nissan Slovenija

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