European automotive consortium 'Efficient Urban Light Vehicle' or 'EU-LIVE' with PSA Group as main automotive producer, presented a small urban hybrid vehice of the future, also capable of longer drives to distences up to 300 km.

Thefour-wheeler is equiped with tilting mechanism on basis of hydraulich and hydro-pnevmatic suspension and can achieve speeds up to 70 kilometers per hour all electric. Electric powetrain is served by two electric motors in wheel hubs, developed by Elaphe and Brembo, and use power from Samsung SDI 48-volt battery, which can be chargeed with regenerative braking. Speeds between 70 and 130 kph are served by 31 kW petrol engine from Peugeot Scooter.

Vehicle is just 2,4 meters long and 0,8 meters broad, so parking is not an isue. It also features heated cabin with safety equipment, so the driver does not need any helmet.

Dec. 7, 2017 Driving photo: PSA

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