Can you imagine a vehicle that could only be described as an electrified combination of a quadricycle and a lunar rover? The French company Swincar made that vehicle a reality and came up with the E-Spider, which really finds itself at home in any terrain.


The company claims that the E-Spider can overcome grades up to 70 percent and does not tip over even on 50-percent slopes, thanks to the special individual suspensions of its wheels. These are completely unlike the suspensions that you might expect on a car and are in fact very long axle arms that excel at adapting to any surface, no matter how fickle, while the driver remains in a comfortable position at all times. Naturally, it has a four-wheel drive, enabled by 1 or 1.5 kW electric motors located in the wheel hubs and powered by a 2, 4 or 6 kWh battery, which is placed under the driver's legs.

The Swincar engineers Pascal Rambaud, Jerome Arsac and Thierry Lames have been developing the E-Spider for the last eight years and arrived at the phase where the company is looking for partners that would make it possible to enter the market. They are also planning a two-seat version and there is the possibility of replacing the steering wheel with a control stick.

Aug. 13, 2015 Driving photo: Swincar

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