Genovation, car manucafturer from Maryland, took its electric model of Corvette Z06 to the airport runway again and set a new speed record for street-legal electric cars. 

At the Kennedy Space Center's Shuttle Landing facility, where -as the name suggests – space shuttles used to land, the electric C6 Chevrolet Corvette Z06, officially known as Genovation GXE, reached top speed of 209 mph (or a little over 336 kph). But that wasn't all. They also made an attempt to set a standing-mile record and succeeded – the car's top speed was 190.4 mph (306,4 kph).

The car's performace is astonishing, but expected, considering its set-up. Under the conventional black hood there are 2 electric motors, mounted in the middle and the back side of the car to create 50/50 weight distribution. The electric motors jointly send over 700 horsepower and 814 Nms of torque to the rear wheels, while being powered by a 44 kwh battery that (of course, under normal driving conditions) offers enough juice for the GXE to make a 240-kilometer drive.

March 14, 2017 Driving photo: Genovation

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