Kia has announced details of the European version of the Soul EV, which will be available in two versions, which will fundamentally differ in power and battery capacity. It will also be the only Soul available in Europe.


As said, the European version of Soul EV, which will be available to the first European buyers in the beginning of spring, will have two versions, just like the 'distant cousin' Hyundai Kona EV. The first one will have a combination of a 150 kW electric motor and a battery with a capacity of 64 kWh, and the second one a weaker 100 kW electric motor and a battery with a capacity of 39.2 kWh.

A more powerful version will allow a range of up to 452 kilometers in line with the WLTP cycle and will accelerate in 7,6 seconds to 100 km/h. The maximum speed will be 167 km/h. The less powerful version will be able to drive up to 277 kilometers with a full battery. It will reach 100 km/h in 9.6 seconds and the maximum speed will be 156 km/h. Both versions will reach 80-percent charge at a 100 kW speed charger in 42 minutes and will also feature built-in 7.2 kW charger.

With Soul EV, Kia also presents the Uvo Connect telematics system in Europe, which will, according to their claims, lead the driver to the digital age and connected him with the world around it with the help of a 10.25-inch touchscreen and smartphone. With the help of its own SIM card, the system will receive current traffic data, weather forecasts, monitor the surrounding attractions and parking information, and the like, as well as search for charging stations in the surrounding area, checking if they are free and what types of connections they offer.


Feb. 26, 2019 Driving photo: Kia

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