It will be built in Revoz factory in Novo mesto, Slovenia.

Renault announced in their sales report last year that they would start working on a Twingo Z. E. this year, even though it was originally planned for 2022, but all indications show the need for electric cars will speed up the production of a new electric car.

It is clear that it will be based on a common technical platform with Daimler's Smart Forfour, which is already being produced in novo mesto, so that mentioned plant will also be the parent plant of the Twingo Z. E.

When exactly is the construction going to start, we haven't been told yet. But Renault is going to show The New Twingo Z. E. for the first time at the upcoming March salon in Geneva. This shows that the novelty could have reached European roads in the first half of this year.

Jan. 21, 2020 Driving photo: Renault

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