It was one of the biggest stars of the recent Monaco Yacht show.

Bigger is not always better could be said after this year’s prestigious Monaco Yacht show, one of the most respected of its kind in the world. This statement is particularly true for Slovenian company Greenline Yachts, who came to the small country on French Riviera with the newest addition to the fleet, NEO EDrive, their first fully electric-driven boat.

With 9,99 meters of length it was certainly one of the smallest yacht tens of meters shorter than most of the other ones, but that did not stop it from drawing attention of even the most prominent visitors and even prince Albert, one of the biggest supporters of green technology. In fact, he actually made a short trip with the boat during the show. After that, he has made an agreement for a much thorough test later in October.

To propel the boat, Greenline, one of the most recognizable manufacturer in the field of electric yachts, decided to use two electric motors, made by German manufacturer Torqueedo Deep Blue with a combined output of 118 kilowatts of power. Mentioned pair is paired with two 30,5 kWh battery packs, just like the ones, used in BMW i3. Result: 40 nautical miles of reach at the average speed of 7 knots.

NEO EDrive is – like all Grenline yachts – also equipped with solar panels on the roof of the cabin. This means, that all the amenities in the boat are powered by the sun when on the open, leaving electricity of the mentioned battery packs reserved for the pair of electric motors.  

Oct. 6, 2018 Driving photo: Greenline

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