According to unofficial report from Reuters, on November 8 European Comission will publish a proposal for new carbon credit plan for electric vehicles which will come into power for cars and vans after 2020.

The proposal for intoduction of the carbon credits, which will be based on automaker's share of low emission vehicles in their fleets, is a part of plans to cut average CO2 emissions by at least 40 percent bellow level from 1990 by 2030. The plan is is for 25-35 percent for passenger car fleets and by 30-40 percent for vans to be EVs, but the final numbers are still the matter of discussion of EU comissioners.

It is not exactly according to wishes of car makers which have lobbied for 20 percent reduction, but the Volkswagen's diesel scandal started an 'anti-ICE' landslide and now UE regulators are taking tougher measures over car emissions.

In order to improve charging infrastructure for electric vehicles EU is also proposing to release 800 million euros to states, regions and cities to expand charging network and additional 200 million euros will be spent for battery development between 2018 and 2020.

Oct. 13, 2017 Driving photo: Daimler

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