Electric motorcycle producer Evoke Electric Motorcycles improved its Urban model line for the year 2018.

The battery design was improved for battery cells to be lighter and more energy dense so they allow the motorcycle to be lighter and more nimble. New batteries are reducing the total weight of motorcycles to 169 kilograms and thuse allow better overall performance and feel.

Also the energy menagement system was improved so better on-board diagnostics is possible and also the usefull lifespan of batteries was prolonged.

Chris Riether, COO of Evoke Electric Motorcycles, said: "When it comes to bike performance and engine efficiency, every little detail matters. The weight reduction from using lighter battery cells allows for better handling, quicker acceleration, increased lean angles and safer braking. Due to redesign, we are able to assemble vehicles much faster and the chance of battery malfunction is reduced."

Jan. 1, 2018 Driving photo: Evoke Motorcycles

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