Nest city to welcome iconic British vehicle is going to be Paris.


Black taxis are one of the most recognizable elements of modern London, right next red double decker busses, red telephone boots and Big Ben to name a few. It would thus be a sad sight to see them go due to stricter environmental laws. It was thus a very welcome sight to see that British company called LEVC has made a new generation of mentioned vehicle, complete with electric drive. Suddenly, they are becoming popular even outside of Great Britain.

Amsterdam, Berlin, Hamburg and Oslo are European capitals, where TX electric taxi is already present. And since Paris records tens of thousands of deaths, caused by air pollution, TX is a reasonable solution to do to make this less of a problem. That is why Parisian authorities has now approved the vehicle to be used as a working vehicle in the city. Whether it remains unknown, how many vehicles are about to come to Paris, it has been revealed, that first ones are about to get to Paris in the first half of 2019.

"The UK has led the world in cutting emissions whilst growing our economy – with clean growth driving incredible innovation and creating hundreds of thousands of high quality jobs. Ten years on from the Climate Change Act, the first-ever ‘green’ GB week is a time to build on our successes and explain the huge opportunities for business and young people of a cleaner economy," said Claire Perry, Minister for Energy and Clean Growth.


Oct. 21, 2018 Driving photo: LECV

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