FanBoost voting for the Visa Vega eRace, which takes place on January 7, is now open.

As well as being able to vote for your favourite FIA Formula E Championship driver, for this unique event, you'll also be able to vote for the 10 sim racers who qualified through the Road to Vegas Challenge.

The voting process is the same as usual, with each person able to vote once a day through the official Formula E website, via the official app (available for Android and iOS) or by social media on Instagram and Twitter.

To vote on Instagram, you need to post a picture or video and in the caption use the hashtags #FanBoost and #DriverName of the person you wish to vote for. On Twitter you can vote by posting a Tweet with the #FanBoost and #DriverName hashtags, or by retweeting a post containing those hashtags.

FanBoost will work in the same way as it does for normal ePrix, with the three drivers who receive the most votes getting an additional 'virtual' power boost. The format of the Visa Vegas eRace is the same as a normal ePrix, but as there are 30 drivers instead of 20, there are six qualifying groups of five, while a qualifying race involving the 20 slowest drivers in qualifying will determine who makes it through to the final and a chance to win $200,000 – the biggest-ever prize for a sim race. 

Dec. 28, 2016 Driving photo: Formula FIA E

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