Formed in 2014, the Silicon Valley-based Actev Motors is leveraging technology found in smartphones and high-end cars to create something entirely new, a new category of fun-loving vehicles for the families. You've already seen numerous electric cars for kids, but this one looks nothing like the well-known Power Wheels – it's actually just like having your own racing kart!

Actev Motors created Arrow Smart-Kart, an incredibly fun, safe (so the developers claim) and affordable go-kart for kids, sized for five to nine-year-olds. According to Dave Bell, CEO and co-founder of Actev Motors,  "simple battery-powered ride-on cars don't excite today's kids – they seek high-tech interactive experiences. The Arrow Smart-Kart gets kids off the couch and outside, and behind the wheel of a real driving machine."

The car comes equipped with two independent 250W motors and a smart Lithium-Ion battery with robust protection circuitry to ensure safety. On a full charge (re-charging can be done overnight) the Arrow is capable of running for 30 minutes or for a full hour, depending on the type of driving. If you're looking for faster solutions, a fast charger is available for $50. You can also spend another $150 for a double-capacity battery, which will make sure the kart is running for another hour or two.

Arrow can speed up to (an adjustable maximum limit of) 12 miles per hour and offers electronic regenerative braking. Much thought has been given to safety precautions, so you won't be surprised to find an emergency stop button as well as front and rear proximity sensor for automatic collision avoidance. The accelerator and brake pedals are adjustable.

In its standard edition, the kart features a steel chassis and pneumatic rubber tyres, but you can add some sharp-looking body work in silver or red (additional $100) to look like a proper, professional kart racer! If you're into something crazy (family-friendly, though), go ahead and get a drift kit ($50) as well!

The kart can be easily configured to match any driver's skill level. On top of that, kids can personalize their kart-driving experience by downloading synthesized engine sounds (like V-12 Ferrari) from an online sound library. Namely, the kart comes with the Arrow mobile app (conneting the vehicle via Wi-Fi), which ensures not only parental supervision with features such as geo-fencing and inactivity timer, but also lets the kids monitor stats such as total driving time, total distance, and maximum speed.

So now that we got you convinced you 'really, really' need to get one of these, you are probably wondering, how much would it cost you?The Arrow Smart-Kart, priced at $599.95, is now available for pre-ordering online and will begin shipping in early Summer 2016.

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Introducing Actev Motors Arrow Smart- Kart from Actev Motors on Vimeo.

Feb. 12, 2016 Driving photo: Actev Motors (via BBC)

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