Electric scooters are getting popular among kids and adult. Apart from giving a sensational ride for kids, electric scooters are also favored because they are environment-friendly. But how can you make sure which scooter is better than others?

You may consider various features while purchasing an best electric scooter for a 10-year old kid. Your consideration will differ when you're choosing electric scooter for yourself, or for a child above 13 years. To help people like you learn about latest electric scooters, this article from blogger page billelectricscooter.com will surely work as a guidebook. The article is focused on newest electric scooters available in the market, and their best features that are suitable.

1. Super Turbo 1000 watt Electric Scooter
A real super cycle equipped with the largest 1000 watt motor ever to have worked with 36v lead acid batteries. LED headlight, free small storage bag, a high-grade seat clamp and a Turbo Econo button – Just the right electric scooter that has everything to amaze you. You would love to enjoy the super speed of 26mph on this scooter.

Compared to other similar electric scooters, such as EZip, Super Turbo 1000 watt electric scooter is larger in size. Smaller tires affect the speed, yet offer smoother and stable rides. For a fully grown adult, an electric scooter is a real option, but a 10-year old kid may find it a bit heavy for his liking.

SUP800-2 Super Turbo comes with powerful motor and 36v batteries that will last longer than those in ordinary scooters. Unlike other scooters, it consists of Turbo Econo button that helps you attain a top speed of 26 mph in a matter of seconds. The electric scooter has excellent weight management, can manage a weight of up to 250 lbs.

All in all, the electric scooter is a complete package of advanced brakes, power, speed, durability and weight management. All of these attributes make it a high-performance gadget available at a relatively reasonable price. Customers have showed great confidence in this electric scooter, mentioning that it's quite fast at this price range (from $499).

2. Evo Powerboards UberScoot 1000w Electric Scooter
Equipped with powerful 1000W chain motor, 36v battery system with long life, a 10" pneumatic front tire and a 10-inch rear tire, Evo Poerboards UberScoot is a perfect choice for 12-year old to fully grown adults. The electric scooter is foldable; offers max speed of 24 – 26 mph; manages weight up to 265 lbs and has a maximum range of 10 miles per charge.

Compared with other similar electric scooter, UberScoot is powerful enough to be handled by kids. Few customers showed disappointment in its small range (miles per charge). Unlike other electric scooters, the charging time is low, but you have to be careful not to overcharge it.

UberScoot offers lowest battery charging time which is a big plus. Its Posi-Lock foldable structure and a weight of just 79 pounds make it a portable scooter. Moreover, the electric scooter comes with 60-day parts replacement warranty, making it a worthwhile purchase. It also manages more weight than other electric scooters. It's priced at $650 which is already a great deal for such of electric scooter.

To conclude, UberScoot has a powerful 1000w motor that takes 3 to 4 hours to get fully charged and generates enough power to carry up to 265 lbs weight for 10 miles per charge. These features, along with speed and modern design it's priced at $650 which is already a great deal for such of electric scooter.

3. Currie Technologies eZip E450
eZip E450 is equipped with EV-rated SLA battery, a 450 watt DC earth magnet motor and smart power microprocessor controller that gives relay protection. The electric scooter reaches up to 15mph speed and offers 8 miles per charge on full charge. The 52-lb electric scooter with 6 – 8 hours charging time provides better performance compared to another electric scooter for kids.

The electric scooter offers low mileage and less speed compared to other options in the market, because of the DC motor that generates just 450w when others have 1000w motors. The battery life with 200 cycles may raise concerns because other similar scooters offer higher battery life of 250 cycles. It's weight management is also less than other electric scooters.

The PWM smart microprocessor maximizes safety by giving battery gauge and relay protection. The UL-listed quick charges is another plus that indicates battery status while charging. Instead of a kick-start, the electric scooter offers on/off power switch and its foldable handlebars make it easier to carry.

Heavy-duty steel frame, front linear brakes, low-profile street tires with alloy wheels and a 90-day manufacturer's warranty, along with advanced safety features make it a good toy at a reasonable price. If you're looking for high performance, this electric scooter is the best in this price range ($499).

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Dec. 15, 2015 Driving photo: Saša Kapetanović

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