The new Toyota Prius was awarded a five-star rating in independent safety testing of new vehicles conducted by EuroNCAP. This means that already the third successive generation of Prius managed to achieve such a successful score!


The all-new Toyota Prius achieved a fantastic 92 per cent score for overall adult occupant protection and 82 per cent for the safety of child occupants. The good overall score was achieved also by adding the score of 77 per cent for pedestrian protection performance and 85 per cent for safety assist performance.

The Euro NCAP agency commended the new Prius for scoring maximum points in its side barrier impact test, saying the car had good protection of all critical body areas, while the results paint a good overall picture of just how strong Toyota's cars' strucutre is thanks to Toyota New Global Architecture.

Toyota Prius was also the very first car to have undergone Euro NCAP's newest test of autonomous emergency braking (AEB) technology for pedestrians, reportedly a milestone in securing crash avoidance when it comes to pedestrian safety.

With AEB, the agency wishes to encourage automakers to install advanced crash avoidance systems in as many new vehicles as possible. 

April 20, 2016 Driving photo: EuroNCAP

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