Flaunt's electric bicycles - stylish and performance-based, eco-friendly transportation option.


Powered by a 15.6 Amp Samsung Battery, Flaunt eBikes reach speeds of up to 20mph without pedaling, and a very conservative 35 mile range when utilizing pedal assist.

Flaunt eBikes come stock with a free-wheel geared motor system in all bikes, which allows you to climb hills faster and travel with ease, putting less stress on your body, batteries, and electric motor. With the combination of the 36 Volt, 15.6 Amp system, they achieves over 560 Watt Hours, which are some of the highest numbers on the market today. Ride with it is very smooth, without vibrations, and super silent.They offer 6 different levels of pedal assist, and you don't have to fumble around with buttons or change settings to switch from pedal assist to throttle.

Each bike includes a Walk Assist. "This is a function that we have implemented to help people walk their eBikes should they ever want, or need to. This feature is most beneficial when trying to walk your eBike up a steep hill, or through rough terrain," said the team on their Indiegogo campain, which is now alive. It can be yours for $1350. 

Aug. 13, 2016 Driving photo: Flaunt's

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