Ford and DHL announced, that they built 150 electric delivery vans called StreetScooter WORK XL , which sre based on Ford Transit chassis fitted with battery electric drivetrain.

Trucks also feature body, which is designed and built by DHL specifications. They are built by StreetScooter plant in Aachen , Germany and will be used to support DHL urban parcel service in german cities. The first batch of 150 vehicles is just a begining of the project which will eventually involve 2.500 e-vans built by the end of 2018. DHL already has some experience with electric mobility. In addition to new WORK XL trucks it already operates more than 3.000 smaller WORK and WORK L electric vans and about 10.500 pedelecs.

SteetScooter WORK XL is able to carry a load volume of 20 cubic meters and to fit more than 200 parcels. Cargop compartment is equiped with shelves and can be accessible from the driver's cab. E-van is fitted with modular battery system, which has a capacity from 30 up to 90 kWh and is able to store enough electricity tom allow the range between 80 and 200 kilometers. There is also a 22 kW electric charger, which allows the e-van to be charged in about three hours.

Aug. 21, 2017 Driving photo: Ford

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