Ford, at its plant in Cologne, began to produce StreetScooter WORK XL electric vans, to be first used by German Post Deutsche Post DHL.


The mid-size electrical van is based on Ford Transit chassis, manufactured at the Ford Otosan plant in Turkish Kocani. Its electric drive train and batteries are installed in Cologne, where 180 employees produce up to 16 cars per day, with an annual production of approximately 3,500 vehicles.

StreetScooter WORK XL is the biggest van in the StreetScooter offer, which has 20 cubic meters of cargo space, enough to be able to carry over 200 packages with a total weight of up to 1,250 kilograms. Several electric motors with power of up to 90 kW and torque up to 276 NM will be available, as well as several batteries with capacities of up to 76 kilowatt hours to reach up to 200 kilometers. As Ford says, the electric van will save up to five tons of carbon dioxide and 1,900 liters of diesel per year.

Deutsche Post DHL will use SteertScooters WORK XL to deliver packages to German cities, and later it also plans to offer them to other users.


Oct. 9, 2018 Driving photo: Ford

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