Within developments concerning autonomous driving, Ford developed technology that can send a signal from an emergency vehicle directly to nearby drivers, so that they are able to respond quickly and make way for emergency services to arrive at their destinations faster.


It's a fact – an emergency vehicle with flashing lights and sirens hauling, trying to reach someone in desperate need of help can also be stressing for other drivers on the road. Some respond in panic or are simply confused and unable to react appropriately, so instead of making way for the emergency vehicle, they sometimes even, albeit unintentionally, obstruct them.

For such cases, Ford developed technology that can send a signal from the ambulance, fire engine or police car directly to nearby drivers, so that they will know exactly where the siren is coming from, and how far away it is. Drivers aware of the signal can then clear the way for the emergency vehicle, so it can continue without stopping or trying to avoid confused drivers, blocking the way.

 Pri Fordu so se na takšne situacije odzvali s tehnologijo, ki radijski signal iz intervencijskega vozila pošlje neposredno v vozila v bližini in voznike obvesti, od kod to prihaja in kako daleč je, zato se mu lahko bolj učinkovito umaknejo in mu zagotovijo prosto pot.

Additionally, Ford is also trialling 'Intersection Collision Warning ', technology that can alert drivers to potential accidents when they are approaching crossroads – for example, drivers can be alerted that a car approaching from another direction has ignored a red traffic light and their is chance of collision. If the risk is high then a warning tells both drivers to slow down or stop. The same technology also shows how cars can synchronise with traffic lights to "ride the green wave".

June 26, 2017 Driving photo: Ford

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