Following the FIA World Motor Sport Council (WMSC) meeting in Manila Formula E and FIA announced changes in rules for 12 races in 12 cities across four continents. The 2018/19 championship will start in Saudi Arabia on December 15, 2018 and end in New York with double race on July 13 and 14, 2019.

Beside starting in Al Riyadh next season Formula E championship will visit old venues like Marrakesh, Mexico City and Hong Kong. Together with events in Africa, Asia and North America it will also introduce a new voestalpine European races, which will take part in Rome, Paris, Berlin and Zurich and also for the third time in Monaco.

FIA will also change a race format which will take into account increased possibilities of Gen2 Formula E racing cars. Drivers will not change cars midrace anymore and they will be obliged to use two different power modes during the race. The standard mode will allow them to race with the top power of 200 kW and there will also be a higher 225 kW mode, which will be activated for a certain period after passing a marked activation zone, which will be clearly visible to spectators of the race. There will also be a Fanboost feature, which will allow three drivers, chosen by spectators, to make use of extra power mode of 250 kW.

There will also be changes in qualification sessions and race distances will no longer be measured using a pre-defined number of laps, but will instead run on a strict time limit of 45 minutes plus one lap to reach chequered flag.

June 7, 2018 Driving photo: FIA Formula E

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