Jaguar I-Type 2 Formula E race car managed to set a new record time at the famous Shelsley Walsh  Hill Climb in Worcestershire. New Zealander Mitch Evans managed to climb the famous hill in 30.46 seconds, which is 6.84 seconds better than previous successful attempt.

The record drive was a result of a partnership between GKN Driveline company and Panasonic Jaguar Racing ABB FIA Formula E Championship team, which allowed Mitch Evans to take the most advanced car to one of the motor sport venues with the longest tradition in car racing which haven't changed much in all these years.

The record breaking attempt also strengthent the partnership between Shelsley Walsh and GKN, which has supported the race for years. Also the partnership between Jaguar and GKN has quite a long tradition and dates back to 1935, when GKN Driveline supplied technology to the first SS Jaguar saloon. Among greatest successes of cooperation were also some iconic cars, such as Jaguar C-Type, which won Le Mans in 1951, and XJ220 supercar of the 1990s.

Aug. 13, 2018 Driving photo: Jaguar Land Rover

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